“POW! Guess who went to Atlanta?!” GodivaMan had a smashing time in Atlanta with the Bearing.Net organisers and participants!

Atlanta, capital city of Georgia, was home to the half-yearly networking event earlier this year where our Godiva Team set-up and had the chance to meet some great new and existing customers. Godiva Man enjoyed the Hyatt Regency Hotel not just, because he had the chance to meet all of the Bearing.Net members, but the height of the building really gave him chance to stretch his legs, its important exercising your flying ability when you are a Super hero you know!

“It was an absolute pleasure to be part of the Networking Conference. We were thrilled to be able to offer our services, products and brands information to all those who booked in to speak with us.” Luke Stringer

“We were thrilled with our weekend in Atlanta. Bearing.net sourced a perfect location and excellent event organisation. It provided a great opportunity to meet so many of our overseas clients, establish names-to-faces and build on many existing relationships as well as including a perfect mix of business, networking time and pleasure, in a wonderful city. We have founded new contacts, which we hope will flourish and continue to do great business together for the future – see you all next time!” Jon Hartshorn.

The next Bearing.Net European User Meeting event will be held in Riga, 9-11th October! The Godiva Team will be there on hand to answer all your questions. To see more about this meeting, please go to our events page where you can book in a time to see us!