Greasing things up…

Greasing things up…


Schaeffler® Arcanol


As part of our FIS Product range, we stock the best Greases in the business. Designed to regulate continual use and maintain a longer Bearings service life, our Schaeffler® Greases offer 100% satisfaction.

Multitop 400g

  • ☑️ High Quality
  • ☑️ Multi-purpose Grease
  • ☑️ Ideal for Ball and Roller bearings


    • ☑️ Food Grade Grease
    • ☑️ Enables Bearings to have a long operating life
    • ☑️ Superior grease

FIS Range

FIS Induction Heaters
FIS Induction Heaters

FIS Induction Heaters

All our modern machines have automatic demagnetisation and all conform to the latest safety standards, giving you peace of mind.

Our FAG’s Induction Heater Range, in stock and ready to deliver. The Induction Heaters are versatile, efficient and enable safe removal and fitting from old to new Bearings.

What’s available?

  • ? Heaters
  • ? Grease / Lubricants
  • ? Condition Monitoring
  • ? Mounting and Extraction tools
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