Ian Townsend – 30 years at Godiva Bearings

Today is a very special day for one person in particular.

Thirty years ago yesterday, the 1st March 1985, Ian Townsend started with Godiva at our old premises in Ashford Middlesex.

A fresh faced young man, locks of black hair in abundance and sat astride his moped, he rolled up and as they say the rest is history.

Having worked in our ( very ) small stores bagging up goods for Badalex and C.E.King ( two great customers at the time ) he then joined us when we moved to Shepperton where he then took charge of the stores and also some staff below him.

He has also had spells in the sales department and now resides in the Purchasing Department where he has been for many years.

This may come as a surprise to you but Ian is a keen Brentford Football Club fan and if any of you are daft enough to mention this during a conversation you’ll have the pleasure of listening to him drone on for hours 🙂

A special day indeed.

From us all at Godiva, and I’m sure you’ll all like to add your own personal emails too, thank you so much Ian for being such a loyal and trustworthy member of our team.