Godiva Bearing’s Service Awards 2022

It was our annual service awards last week – awarding our staff for their hard work and dedication to being part of the Godiva team.

This year’s award recipients were Roger, our Newcastle branch manager, on his 5-year anniversary. It’s great to have him back in the Godiva team and leading our Newcastle staff!

Our two dedicated employees, Mark and Nicola, who handle numerous orders through the warehouse, are celebrating their 10-year work anniversary.

Along with our valuable member of the purchasing team, Marie, and Systems Manager Amar, who keeps everything running smoothly, are also celebrating the big 10.

And finally, our own managing director Tom Hamlett was awarded his 30th year. It’s been a long journey for Tom, who started as a temporary worker in the stores. It just shows what hard work and dedication can do!

A big thank you to all our staff at Godiva Bearings, and we look forward to celebrating more team members’ achievements over the next coming years!


We also asked Tom a few questions to celebrate this amazing anniversary for himself and Godiva as a whole.

What is your favourite part of managing the Godiva team?

The interaction with so many staff members that all have the same common goals for the company is great. It really is such a team effort.


What are your proudest accomplishments in the last 30 years?

I think the fact that I have put 30 years into the business, from being a busy warehouse person to working on the sales desks to my current position, shows how integral Godiva is to how proud I am of the firm. I also think that being able to squeeze into the famous GodivaMan costume after two years of lockdown is really something to be proud of! It’s lucky I have a big shoehorn available……


What attracted you to be a part of Godiva at the start?

Honestly, as a 19 year old with no cash in my pocket, the thought of earning some regular cash was the most appealing factor, but it wasn’t long before I realised that this was going to be a long-lasting career.


Can you recall any funny memories?

So many, and most I can’t put in the press, but a couple that really stick out are getting uncontrollable fits of the giggles in front of one of our suppliers. That lasted a good few hours! It was so embarrassing, but it was also side-splittingly hilarious after we looked back on it. The other is about a temp who got his foot stuck in a box and stomped around our warehouse. The box never broke his stride!! Ask me about it next time you see me.


When do you think GodivaMan will next make an appearance?

Who knows, but if there is a trader stuck for a part I’m sure he won’t be far away. 


What’s next for you and Godiva?

More of the same. We have two brand-new products coming to our shelves soon. I’m looking forward to watching our staff grow and progress within the company and trade itself.