Meet The Heroes – Roger Lee

Meet Roger Lee, the devoted manager overseeing the northern branch of Godiva Bearings since 2017. Roger’s enthusiasm for broadening his understanding of bearings and related products is evident in the catalogues he keeps in his bedside cabinet. He is dedicated to providing solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction and ensuring customers enjoy their experience.

Away from work Roger immerses himself in a range of hobbies. He delves into history, visits the gym, enjoys cycling, loses himself in books, crafts models and enjoys board games and war gaming with friends and doting on his two daughters.

Roger loves Newcastle United as much as he cares about helping Godiva Bearings customers. When you ask him, he proudly says that, in his opinion, they’re both the best in the world.

When asked about his favourite thing about working at Godiva, his reply is “You mean I have to choose just one?!”