22 Years Of Friendship

We would like to share a message from our close friend and colleague Carl Robinson

who we wish all the best to in the future. We’ve had years of success, good times

and lots of laughs and you have always been at the heart of all of it.

We thank you for being such a fantastic role model, mentor and genuinely

all round top man with the patience of a saint.




It is with a heavy heart that I am leaving Godiva on the 28th July.


I have been lucky enough over the years to work with some fantastic people, many

of whom will be friends for life.


A special shout-out to our directors Tom, Paul and Trevor who have always supported

me through some challenging times in my life.

I will be forever grateful, I have been treated more like a family member than an employee.


I have to thank all of my customers and suppliers who have supported me over the years,

I hope that I will still work with many of you in my next role, which is in a new industry altogether.

I couldn’t work in bearings again after working for the number 1 bearing supplier to the trade!


Yours thankfully

Carl Robinson