Godiva Jubilee Day!

Today we celebrate Godiva Jubilee Day as we welcome the famous Jubilee® brand to our ever increasing range of products, available to the trade!
Jubilee® is an internationally registered trademark that stands for the highest quality and reliability.
They have been producing hose clips and clamps for over 100 years, since 1921 – making them the most experienced hose clamp manufacturer in the world, bar none.
Jubilee® is now available from Godiva so another addition to your one-stop-shop order. No minimum quantities and discounts for pack sizes, plus of course a direct to customer service that you can trust.
Speak to our team today about Jubilee® and the other products you can get “all in one box” – One supplier – One parcel – One invoice.
Don’t forget… we’re trade only – We do not compete with you therefore your customers remain your customers.
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