KUKKO leads the way with excellent External Extraction!

KUKKO are the Tool Factory and working together with Godiva Bearings to offer the UK some exceptional Tools

For almost 100 years KUKKO have been designing and manufacturing some of the World’s most reliable and efficient External Extraction Tools.

2016 Kukko Godiva Bearings
2017 Kukko Godiva Bearings

KUKKO Tools make it simple and problem-free to remove ball bearings, cylinders, discs, pole wheels, gears, seals and many other similar parts from an array of parts, vehicles and installations.

2017 Kukko Godiva Bearings
2017 Kukko Godiva Bearings

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Leaflet One: 2017 KUKKO Godiva Bearings

Leaflet Two: 2017 KUKKO Godiva Bearings


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