So long, Farewell… Colin Green, Bearing Industry Legend!

Colin Green has been with Godiva Bearings for 20 years and now he’s retiring!

Paul has put together a few kind words for his leaving…


After many years in the bearing industry Mr ‘Bad Joke’ Colin Green has finally retired.

Known to many people throughout the UK Bearing Industry, Colin cut his teeth with Bearing Service in 1974, as they were known back then and soon became branch manager.

He worked there for over 10 years in what proved to be a very successful period for that branch and then spent time at EW Bearings (soon to become Wyko).

However, in 1996 Godiva came knocking, opening our new premises in Whitehouse Road, Newcastle. The lure of working for the Bearing Industry’s Premium Company was just too much.

A key person within our new branch, Colin formed many more relationships around the UK subjecting people in other areas of the country to his somewhat unique humour and wit. And of course, his bearing knowledge!

Starting with INA housed units (Self-lube to you and I) Newcastle soon became a hit throughout the trade as knowledge on that product was sparse, to say the least.

Godiva’s core products of Needles and Rod-ends soon followed and again Colin saw to it that sales in those areas increased enabling the branch to increase in numbers, both in Sales and Staff-wise.

His 20 years are up and at a tender age he has chosen, quite rightly, to hang his pillow blocks up.

Godiva Bearings Newcastle would not be the thriving, busy branch it is now without his passion and commitment, for that we thank him wholeheartedly.

Good luck Colin, from all your friends in Godiva and throughout the Bearing Trade.

Colin Green, Godiva Bearings
Colin Green, Godiva Bearings






Colin Green, Godiva Bearings
Colin Green, Godiva Bearings
Colin Green, Godiva Bearings
Colin Green, Godiva Bearings